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Update: Please use ip 208. 115.233.50 to join Main (no spaces)
Update: Please use ip [link] to join Main
thanks moose
vvv Following on vvv -<>- Repeated events will also be done up until Christmas Day :)
Due to a tech issue, events will be held later today. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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Please use the following ip to join EpiCraft until tomorrow:

Due to a tech issue, events will be held later today. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Video by Bmx_R15 - Thank you

In preparation for the EC Reunion, we are hosting a myriad of SPECIALCHRISTMASEVENTS this Saturday and Sunday!

RPG, BUILD EVENTS, HIDE n SEEK, OBSTACLE COURSE, PARKOUR and MORE! (Leave your comments below on what else you'd like to see this weekend!)

Managed and hosted by our event managers and initiated by FISHY, join us for a HUGE weekend of giveaways and fun.

Then: Be prepared as we count down towards Christmas and New years with the EC reunion following shortly after.

Remember to join our FaceBook page and REMAIN EPIC!

[NOX] ryandw11 I can't wait for this weekend. See you guys there ...
Wornox a Thank you Tmods+ for doing so much. we REALLY appreciate it and you. See you on Saturday!
moosemate I want to add that some T-Mods+ Have worked very hard on events also Good job to all staff, including event managers an ...

Monday's Motivational 60 second video:

Join our EC Reunion Facebook Page here

The EpiCraft 'Old School Reunion' will be announced soon. We would love to hear your suggestions on what you'd like to see from the 'Old EC' by clicking HERE

For the month of December, ALL players who UPGRADE TO ANY RANK will receive the NEXT rank absolutely FREE. So grab LEGEND = Get EPIC. Grab SUPER = Get CEO etc.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Managers and Co Owners / PR people.

And remember: Tell your friends about the reunion build up!

Have a great week ahead and REMAIN EPIC!

[EC] trdb can i upgrade epic to epigod now?
[EC] trdb so if i buy epigod do i get t-mod???

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