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Cube those are really kind words dude thank you :) Ryan voting should be fixed later today mate.
Is it just me or can other people vote?
Thank you Wornox! Your the best owner on MC that I know! I love how you are so mature, and so helpful! I love you! Your the best person in my MC Life dude :)
Last month in August, EpiCraft donated $100 to cerebral palsy research. $10 was also donated today at [link] to support research for cancer prevention. Click [link]
Thank you Bubble for invetsting in EC [link]
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Important News: How to move between Main & Skyblock

CONTEST: Rent with Wornox! Click here to have Wornox or another owner rent your house / room for 1 week!

Hey Fellow Gamers!

We are excited to have Torchez join our Co Owner Team. Also, Bubble0Seven joins us as Server Tech & Moosemate as Owner Advisor.

Click HERE to see what's coming up for the Sky Block Server. Thank you to Torch and Sher' and Spy for all your efforts! (On both servers)

You can read all about the expansion by clicking HERE.

See you in game!


Hey Fellow Gamers!

1.8 is out and we have a new spawn! You can win a FREE RANK to celebrate! Click HERE Thank you to Fishy and crew for the AMAZING new spawn! It took Fishy an incredible amount of time to complete this spawn - EPIC!

Click HERE to see what's coming up for the Sky Block Server. Thank you to Torch and Sher' and Spy for all your efforts! (On both servers)

I have noticed a lot of players coming back to EC. You are welcome here and enjoy your game anywhere you choose:)

You can read all about the expansion by clicking HERE.

See you in game!


[EBC] 66spyro a New Spawn is AWESOME I had players saying that they are just hanging out at the new spawn discovering all the new featu ...

Hey there players!

EpiCraft MAIN has undergone a complete map wipe. You should have retained most of your goodies and money however this may change depending on the economy.

You can explore the new world from /warp portals. /warp build1 is the newest area. Click HERE for the 1.8 discussion.

The world border will be expanded once we update to a more stable 1.8 Bukkit.

From all of us at EpiCraft, enjoy your new 1.8 journey!

Team EC

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