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Sorry guys, SB will be back on line in the next few hours. Huge stuff up with host... Have a lovely weekend and I will come on asap.
I never advertised on the forums... And if I did that would be forum banworthy and not in game banworthy. In addition, where's the proof again?
glob u were advertising another server on forums it is banworthy u got ur awnser now stop commenting about it
Alright there is still no proof of me advertising or poaching players in game.... Thanks for another false accusation!
having some technical issues robot
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Hello EC Players,
This Month Millz and Twiz have come up with an amazing sale:
As some of you may of noticed we have been losing some amazing EpiCraft players and staff.
Which is a shame but perhaps they just lost their way.?..
or they were offered something shiny? So while we wait for players to come and perhaps some old players that lost their way to come back we will put on a sale called.
"Help EC find its heart, follow the path home"
and you may now be asking what is EpiCraft's Heart.
Lucky im here to explain that to you :D
EpiCraft's Heart is made up of you, the players that have supported EC thru thick and thin, the staff that just try to run things fairly and make EpiCraft a safe place for you to come and enjoy.
So in this sale we will be offering 50% off all ranks but we will also be hosting mini games on weekends to
Win further discount coupons up to the value of 25%
so if you are lucky enough you may just get
up to 75% off the total price.
So make sure you bring your friends, even bring your mum or dad and enjoy a mended EpiCraft heart and help make it whole again.
Check out the SHOP for some great deals:

Plus!!! :D
Every rank purchased this month will also receive a FREE tag called 'EpiPride' to show your support

prototipe10 And btw the pride tag idea is AWSOME i love it good thinking nike
prototipe10 Dont worry about the staff problem guys we have all you and ur the best staff anyone could ever have and i hope none of ...
TwiztidLette me too thanks so much for making it up nike ... <3

The last 3 days have been devastating for many countries across the globe. 239 Passengers/crew of Malaysia Airlines Plane MH17 were all tragically killed after their plane was struck mid air over the Ukraine-Russian boarder by a missile which caused it to later crash. Our hearts go out to all the families and relatives of the victims, may they rest in peace for ever and, ever and may God bless their souls for eternity.
God Bless!

[EBC] SMOOFTY777 a well to clarify there were only 239 confirmed deceased when I posted this.
GODEMIS (MillzPubehSalad) You're both wrong... "The wreckage sits in tomb-like silence -- a monument to cruelty, to how 298 souls -- some shi ...
[EBC] KingFelxlyy Uhmm .... more than 300 people died? Not 239.


Due to recent events surrounding the looming international conflict in Ukraine and ISIS, I would like to dedicate this weekend to two things across our servers:

1) Educate yourself in what our governments are doing

2) Dedicate a build to the passengers on the Malaysian Airline which was shot down on 17th July 2014

Thank you to Millz, Twiz, Jobo and others for stepping up for RPG server and bringing some life in to it. congratulations to new Senior Admins and new staff. See you in game!

[NEWS] End of Holidays with SPECIAL Rank Deals!

Just in time for the Holidays, we are doing a special rank offer so you and your mates can play together on EC

Check out the SHOP for some great deals:

For the month of July, if you:

Buy EPIGOD + get a FREE Leet rank for your Friend

Buy EPIC + get a FREE Supporter rank for your Friend

Buy LEGEND + get a FREE VIP rank for your Friend

Upgrade to:

Vip + 16 Diamonds

Supporter + 24 Diamonds

Leet + 36 Diamonds

Super + 48 Diamonds

Ceo + 64 Diamonds

Legend + 96 Diamonds

Epic 50% off regular prize

Epigod 50 % off regular prize


[EBC] Sexy Sent I won the Build Contest lol idk ...
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